JADIMO CREATIONS & CASA inspired from 《 The Source》that is an oil painting on canvas by French neoclassical painter Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.Following with《 The Source》,Bearing Ingres's pursuit of art and artisan spirit, do diligently explore "eternal beauty", in the realistic way of seeking. JADIMO is the abbreviation of Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres and Musée d’Orsay。The company has JADIMO CREATIONS and JADIMO CASA two registered trademarks of Italy.

JADIMO CREATIONS is in pursuit of provocatively luxury style in each project. With its Italian background, and great understanding of Chinese culture.JADIMO CREATIONS provides variety of designer style: from classic European to Contemporary, more often, Modern Chinese and achieved tremendous success in blending luxurious design into lifestyle.

Contemporary, Creative, Luxury and Oriental designs are the hallmark of JADIMO CREATIONS. Our luxury design places us at the forefront of innovation. Improvement and refinement are the tools of our trade. Our ever-evolving processes are driven by inspiration. We are here to transform your dreams into a reality. In the end, your project, is unparalleled. JADIMO CASA is a platforms for our clients very convinced for our clients to know more about Italian furniture and furnishings and also easy to buy them directly from Italy.

上海泉羽建筑设计咨询有限公司,源于法国艺术家安格尔油画作品《泉》。“羽”《泉》同行,承载安格尔对艺术的追求与匠人精神,为“永恒的美”做孜孜探索,在现实主义道上不断求索。JADIMO是法国画家“让·奥古斯特·多米尼克·安格尔(Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres)和意大利奥赛博物馆(Musée d’Orsay )”的缩写。公司旗下有JADIMO CREATIONS和JADIMO CASA两个意大利注册商标。

JADIMOCREATIONS,其愿景为追求极致奢华的设计理念并嵌入至每个项目中。既有着浓厚的意大利高端奢华生活方式的体验与氛围熏陶,又充分地了解中国文化,JADIMO CREATIONS涵盖从古典欧式到后现代简约的同时,更多的了解了现代主义的中国风格,并在将奢华设计融入到生活方式中有突出表现。

JADIMO CREATIONS给予客户的不仅是一个成品。我们的理想是:通过设计来创造一个让所有人共同沟通,分享与享受的空间。实现这个目标,我们听取您的声音。您的需求是独一无二的。而正是它,映现出您独树一帜的个人魅力与价值:荣耀,友谊,魅力,善意与和谐。JADIMO CASA为客户了解和购买意大利家居提供更好的服务代购平台。

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